Construction/Worksite Accidents

Workers injured at a construction site often have special circumstances and rights in proving a case. Rather than having to prove fault or negligence of another, as is required in most other personal injury cases, a special New York State statute applies to many accidents occurring at construction sites. This statute, in certain situations imposes absolute liability against the owner of certain premises and contractors. In such cases only proof of a defective condition is required and not negligence. Such cases usually involve accidents with scaffolds, ladders, hoists, and unsafe workplaces.

If you have been injured at work, you have certain rights and may be entitled to receive certain benefits. Your employers’ workers’ compensation company will provide payments of medical bills, lost earnings, scarring, rehabilitation, retraining, travel expenses and other benefits. Since there are time limitations with each claim, it is important to obtain legal advice as soon as possible. If you have been injured, you should promptly consult with an attorney and be advised of your rights.

The Taub Law Firm, P.C. (directly or through a network of attorneys) can assist you with a workers’ compensation claims. If you have been injured at work, we will help you to protect your rights and actively pursue your benefits. Our staff is professional, courteous, and responsive to your needs.